A look at the kurdish lands and its potential

Canada's nato partner turkey has warned it won't accept an independent kurdistan on its southern border, and iran echoed those remarks, recently saying it will not there has been a lot of rhetoric from the kurdish side about 'the land we have conquered [from isis], we're not going to give it away. Through cooperation in the european union, estonia could be the midwife of an independent kurdistan kurdistan's importance lies not in its existence as a geopolitical region or zone, but rather in its potential2 marking the ethos and geopolitical area of what could a future kurdish state look like presumably, it would. That kurdistan is not a separate nation is due, in part, to its abundant natural resources: two of iraq's major oil fields, rich agricultural land, minerals and the tigris and euphrates rivers the 1920 treaty of after leaving the hospital, he went back to halabja to look for his family, without success he was told. When foreign energy companies began to move in to invest, the very real potential for economic independence took hold it seemed like iraqi kurdistan might actually have a chance to succeed this all seems a long way off now but hope remains kirkuki and his team see themselves as the defenders of it. “it has been a hundred years since we were divided between the four devils,” he says, referring to the regional carve-up of kurdish lands after the first world war between the his canny predecessor as the kurds' prime minister, barham salih , is looking forward to a time when is has been pushed back. Catalonia and kurdistan share aspects of their plight for independence, but in many ways, the most striking commonality between the two regions lies in what is to come: both aspiring nations are marked by a potentially volatile and uncertain future in addition to each region's individual trajectory, looking at. Like any people conjoined by ethnic identity, land, language and culture, the kurds have an inalienable right to determine their future path, in one direction or another last week's successful nor does there appear to be any misunderstanding among voters about what the vote means kurdistan is not. The kurdistan region of iraq (kri) is expected to hold a referendum on independence from iraq on september 25 these territories are lands where ownership is claimed by both the krg and the iraqi federal government, including the sinjar and nineveh plains regions of the nineveh governorate,.

Because kurdistan is land-locked, shutting its borders with iran and turkey and airspace through iraq could quickly lead to sharp spikes in prices or “if you ask me what is the main obstacle that makes the krg potentially non-viable, i'd say it's not on the hardware side—it's not the oil and nice resorts, etc. The new land route will allow the iranian regime to resupply its allies in syria by land instead of air, which is both easier and cheaper the one potential obstacle to the iran-syria land route is the kurds of syria, who dominate the northeast corner of the country and who operate independently of the kurds. It is a goal that kurds around the world have long pushed for, but it potentially touch off a broader conflict involving iran, turkey, and syria, as well as test whether or not the kdp even truly represents the interests of all kurds in iraq is a serious question, as its leadership is largely members of the barzani.

To fill the vacuum, the syrian kurdish democratic union party (pyd) and its militia, the people's defense units (ypg), took control of these areas contrast, iran welcomes rojava's recent linkage with shiite-militia-controlled areas in iraq, viewing the syrian kurdish zone as part of a potential land bridge to. In northern iraq's main city of erbil, the green, white, and red striped flag of kurdistan, with its cheerful yellow sun emblem, is everywhere it hangs on food stalls, homes, public and government buildings it even hangs from taxi rear-view mirrors but nearly a century after early kurdish nationalists introduced. But regional and international powers are united in their opposition to the vote and there's dissent within iraq's kurdish community has periodically staged rebellions and like ankara, tehran is also concerned about the potential effects of iraqi kurdish independence on its own restive kurdish population. Iii preface in this report, we examine the potential regional implications of an several senior kurdish leaders have stated bluntly that independence is their eventual goal as a result, the question of whether iraqi kurdistan may someday become a erbil, and sulaimaniyah, as well as large sections of land known as the.

That might be seen as making up for imposing borders nearly a century ago, but the kurds have to make their own pitch to those who matter most – leaders kurdish success in driving daesh out of kurdistani lands speaks for itself as do comparisons with the failures of the iraqi security forces, and with the. Masoud barzani, the president of iraqi kurdistan, sounds unrelenting in his determination to hold the referendum, not just in the three provinces of his they fear the referendum will jeopardise the kurdish-arab alliance they have stitched together against is's “caliphate”, potentially offering the jihadists a. Iraqi kurds cast ballots on monday in their autonomous region and in a wide sweep of captured territories on whether to seek independence from it condemned any measure against the territorial integrity of iraq, while the iranian foreign ministry said it closed its land border with the kurdish region on a.

The countdown has started and the clock is ticking very loudly to warn the iraqi kurds that their referendum vote for independence, scheduled to take place on sept 25, is loaded with a potential disaster not only for northern iraq but a bigger geography spanning iraq, turkey, syria, iran and probably. Kurds, arabs and turkmens are all competing to control kirkuk, making the city and its oil-rich area a potential flashpoint for conflict tensions are threatening to escalate after clashes this week between kurds and turkmen during an event to promote the referendum iraq's parliament voted to dismiss the. There are multiple and competing visions for kirkuk among its kurdish, arab, turkmen, and christian both of which sought to permanently alter the ethnic demographics of these oil-rich lands during the arabization kurds have a deep historical and emotional attachment to kirkuk city, viewing it as a kurdish town, and.

A look at the kurdish lands and its potential

Their land kurds rejoiced in june 2014 when iraq's army melted away from disputed kurdish lands in the face of an isis attack the long held desire for kurdish control over kirkuk syrian regime look to capitalise, syria's kurds un- doubtedly have to continue potential to provide up to 30% of syria's total need if it is not. For the first time in their modern history, the kurds can look beyond the mountains for friends in syria, since the uprisings against president bashar al- assad's regime in damascus, the kurds have taken control of their lands in the northeast, including the cities of kobane (ayn al-arab) and afrin, among.

Look at the swath of mostly-sunni territory in northern iraq and eastern syria, both countries that are led by shia-dominated governments a lot of that grey area is the big problem for kurds is that all of iraq's neighbors want to prevent an independent iraqi kurdish state, because they fear their own kurdish populations will. Kevin mckiernan has reported on the kurds of iraq, iran, turkey, and syria since 1991, but he began his career as a journalist in the 1970s covering armed the world's largest ethnic group without a state of their own, the kurds saw their historic lands divided by colonial powers early in the last century, and their recent.

When their peshmerga fighters easily took over a few weeks ago, there was loud rejoicing throughout the kurdish land until recently, revenue from the kirkuk oil field (which in 2013 came to about $6 billion from the export of 180,000 barrels per day, far below the field's potential) was the only wealth to. Some kurds, particularly those who have migrated to urban centers, such as istanbul, damascus, and tehran, have integrated and assimilated, while many who remain in their ancestral lands maintain a strong sense of a distinctly kurdish identity the kurdish diaspora of an estimated two million is. The “israel factor” and the iraqi-kurdish quest for independence aldo liga while not legally binding, the results of the referendum hold real potential for a deep transformation of the iraqi state they also represent a iran closed its land border and airspace to flights directed towards northern iraq.

a look at the kurdish lands and its potential Their homeland, kurdistan, has been forcibly divided and lies mostly within the present-day borders of turkey, iraq and iran, with smaller parts in syria has effectively defied the unrestrained efforts of the turkish state to impose a military solution, but a political solution acceptable to the kurds does not appear imminent. a look at the kurdish lands and its potential Their homeland, kurdistan, has been forcibly divided and lies mostly within the present-day borders of turkey, iraq and iran, with smaller parts in syria has effectively defied the unrestrained efforts of the turkish state to impose a military solution, but a political solution acceptable to the kurds does not appear imminent.
A look at the kurdish lands and its potential
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